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Stephen Webster Cocks recently installed ASP 3.0.

Then he emailed this to AVDF... we think he may have been a tad frustrated!

Double click - "Do you want to install the software?"

Click - "Do you want to install the software now?"

Click - "Press OK to install the software now."

Click - "OK, installing the software."

Click - "Do you accept this EULA?"

Click - "This software is now going to be installed. Is this what you want to do?"

Click - "...

"No, for Chrissake. I'm clicking my f%^#ing mouse button because I suspect I'm making some dimwit snicker over at the big DIMWIT house. YES, I want to install the f%^#ing software!

Click - "Press OK to access the default drive"

Click - "The directory doesn't exist, do you want to create a new directory?"

OH JEEZ, I don't know. Is that bad or sumtin?

Click - "OK, hereeeeeeee we go. Click OK one last f%$#ing time."

Click - "Just kidding. Please click OK if you want to install the software."

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