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Q. Is there a way to have edit masks within a grid cell (Data Widgets Grid)? I'm looking for functionality similar to the edit mask control with VB.
A. No, there is not. The datagrid has a ColFormat property that allows the user to format a specific column but it only formats the column when that column isn't current. If the user is on the column, no formatting takes place.

Q. How can I change the colour of a row in a grid to red when the user changes the text in the row (make it red at the first character).
A. This code should give you the wanted effect:

  Sub SSDataGrid1_KeyPress (Keyascii As Integer) Dim x As Integer
    If Keyascii = 27 Or Keycode = 13 Or Keycode = 9 Then 
      Exit Sub 
    For x = 0 To SSDataGrid1.Cols - 1
      SSDataGrid1.EvalRowNumber = SSDataGrid1.Row
      SSDataGrid1.RowCellBackColor (x) = RGB(255, 0, 0)
  End Sub

Q. I want to use a data-combo to move through a single table. Should I set the DataSourceList to be the same as the DataSource? This didn't seem to work.
A. You cannot bind the DataSource and DataSourceList to the same DataControl. You can bind them to the same table via different Datacontrols. That should work fine. If you are using the DataCombo to just move through a table, there may be no need to event bind the DataSource property. The DataSource is used for the Edit portion of the DataCombo. If you are not going to be editing but using the control for lookups, don't bind the DataSource.

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