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Q. I'm looking for a product that can be used to compress/retrieve images. Preferably a VBX or OCX that I would use with MS Access or Visual Basic. Do you have such a product?
A. Yes, ImageMan includes support for compressing/retrieving images in a variety of image formats. We have both VBX and DLL versions, with an OCX version due out shortly.

Q. Does it make sense in trying to use the SELECT rectangle to zoom an image? The magnification property works so well, but my user wants to zoom where he selects, even though he is provided with a drop down menu of zoom percentages.

How would I go about doing something like this? I currently use the rectangle to define a print area. He wants to print the displayed image in its control not using the rectangle. I did this by setting the SRC properties to the SCALE properties.

A. You can use the Select Event Rectangle to zoom an image. Your code would look like:

  Img1.ScaleLeft = X1
  Img1.ScaleTop = Y1
  Img1.ScaleWidth = X2 - X1
  Img1.ScaleHeight = Y2 - Y1

This code will zoom into the selected area.

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