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Q. Visual Basic programs are inherently MS-Windows based (only natural). When you use VB to retrieve data from an ACCESS database across a network, it will make use of the native Windows network routines.
A. Beware the Jabberwock, my son - OS/2 Version 2.11 and earlier versions do not support all the networking calls made by Windows programs. This means that when you use your VB retrieval program in a WINOS2 window on a network machine booted with OS/2 - you may not get what you asked for... you may not get anything at all...

To be sure, boot your computer under MS-DOS, then load MS-WINDOWS and run your VB program - it will work.

Other than that, if you really must use OS/2 then get WARPed.

Courtesy of Tony Harris, email : or phone on 61- 049 543 480.

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