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VB Compress Pro is an analysis and reporting tool which assists you in optimising your projects to their maximum efficiency. The product's main aim is to let you structure your code better - producing a lean executable file.

Similar to a 'version control' system, VB Compress Pro allows you to specify a working directory. This means that your original project and executable files will not be overwritten within your source directory. You can specify directories for the new project, new executable, and new reports generated by VB Compress Pro.

The first of VB Compress Pro's striking capabilities is its Reporting. Reporting is broken into two areas; Item reporting and Xref reporting. Both the Item and Xref functions generate and reports on constants, variables, Type Defs, API Declarations, Procedures, Forms, controls, and classes. All of these sections can be set to cross-reference public and/or private procedures for all files. There is also the capability to report by procedure within form files, class files, and module files. The Item reporting function allows you to define the scope of your reports by including, or excluding, referenced or unreferenced items - either by file type (form, class, module), or on all files.

The reporting options, which apply to both Item and Xref reporting, consist of:

  • Formatting Options - margins, fonts, orientation.

  • Name Constructions - always show/ never show class names, compile constants, Scope, Procedure types, Data types, Control Classes, Library names.

  • Project Section Header - include project file summary, details, and code by category information.

  • Project Section - Ref/Unref summary table, Ref/Unref Details, Cross-Reference listings, controls.

  • Module Sections - Section Header, Ref/Unref summary table, Ref/Unref Details, Cross-Reference listings, controls.

  • Procedure Sections - Section Header, Ref/Unref summary table, Ref/Unref Details, Cross-Reference listings, controls.

Screen snap of Compress Pro

For a larger and more detailed view, click on the above image (20Kb).

After using VB Compress Pro on several projects, I have realised that it is not wise to include all options reporting on everything. All that is produced is a big pile of paper! An effective feature for Item and Xref reporting is VB Compress Pro's ability to save 'option sets' within INI files. This means the same reporting techniques can be applied across many projects.

VB Compress Pro's code analysis routine supports the removal of unused file, objects, and references - and automatic correction of invalid objects and references can be enabled. Unreferenced item options can also be set at the form, class, and module level for selected constants, variables, type defs, API declarations, and procedures. VB Compress Pro also counts lines of code by file, category, and project. Included is the 'VBC Viewer' providing search, printing, and font changing capabilities, for all reports generated.

VB Compress Pro 4.0 can be used with Visual Basic 3.0 & 4.0, 16 & 32 Bit versions, within Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and Windows NT. It is priced at $169, and was developed by WhippleWare. VB Compress Pro information can be found on the downloadable GUI Computing catalogue. It is 882KB in size.

Please contact GUI Computing for demonstration software.

Written by: John Mina
August '96

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