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Mark Trescowthick - GUI Computing
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Two notable new events on the GUI Computing scene recently - and neither of them terribly pleasant to report, I fear.

First up was the deferral of this year's Visual Basic Australia conference. What was planned for December 2/3/4 has been deferred to sometime in the first quarter of 1997. I'm not at liberty to divulge the reason, but suffice to say that it's not Australian in origin. In fact, it emanates from the West Coast of the USA... there are those who will draw an obvious conclusion. To quote one of my favourite TV characters, Francis Urquhart "You might say that. I couldn't possibly comment.". In any case, we are now working on a new date and will announce it as soon as we can reorganise everything. Our current thinking is that early March, 1997 is the most probable right now.

Second was the announcement that, as from October 1st, 1996, GUI's Sydney office would be closing. Our Sydney crew have done a great job over the past 18 months. But, like many other technology companies, we found that in attacking the Sydney market we had bitten off more than we could comfortably chew. My personal thanks to Tony Goodhew and the rest of his team, who did a great job in trying to get a successful branch off the ground in Sydney, against considerable odds. Naturally, Tony (and Senior Programmer Stephan Grieger) will be working with our Sydney-based clients to ensure continuity of development. Tools clients are, of course, unaffected, as all tools sales and support have always been done from our Melbourne office.

Speaking of tools, we also announced the appointment of a new Technical Support Co-Ordinator recently. Long-serving TSC John Mina moves back to the development arm to be replaced by the inimitable Andrew Lockwood.

The rumours about VB5 intensify almost by the day, it would seem. There's even an entire web page devoted to the VB5 Rumor Mill which currently lists a whole bunch of unconfirmed reports of greater or lesser import. The one I really liked was "Produces very fast, very small .EXEs". Now that certainly smells more of wishful thinking than rumour... we shall see. Another good resource of VB5 rumours is at :

Meanwhile, over the whole Internet scene entropy would certainly seem to be increasing. The plethora of products, services and players means most of the rest of us can just sit back and wonder. One thing is certain - the web continues to grow exponentially and the tools improve even faster. I've just spent 7 weeks on the road and was able to produce a halfway decent web site (well, that's my opinion!) using nothing more than MS Frontpage, a Kodak DC20 digital camera and my trusty portable. Frontpage is definitely a step forward. We need many more like it.

Finally, a personal note. Peter Wone joined GUI Computing as one of its earliest employees. His contributions to GUI and, especially, to AVDF, have been legion over the past four years. Peter has now moved on to bigger and better things (as well as to a new wife - congratulations, Nell) and I will miss him. I've often started a sentence with the words "Only Wone...".

Written by: Mark Trescowthick
August '96

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