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by Miles Forrest - Independent Developer
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This little routine has only one purpose in life - to check whether an IP Address is valid.

It checks two things - that the address is in the form and that each xxx is between 1 and 3 numeric digits, and its numeric value is in the range 0-255.

It looks a bit hairy (and is a bit hairy!) but it's fast - which was important because when I first developed it I had to process thousands of IP Addresses.

I hope it's of use to someone out there.

Public Function IsIPAddress(ByVal zvIPAddressID As String) As Boolean

Dim ipLengthOfGroup As Integer
Dim ipPosition As Integer
Dim ipNoOfGroups As Integer

IsIPAddress = False
ipNoOfGroups = 0
ipLengthOfGroup = 0
For ipPosition = 1 To Len(zvIPAddressID)
  Select Case Asc(Mid$(zvIPAddressID, ipPosition, 1))
  Case 48 To 57
    ipLengthOfGroup = ipLengthOfGroup + 1
	If ipLengthOfGroup = 4 Then
		Exit Function
	End If
  Case 46
	ipNoOfGroups = ipNoOfGroups + 1
	If ((ipNoOfGroups = 4) Or (ipLengthOfGroup = 0)) Or _
	    (Val(Mid$(zvIPAddressID, ipPosition - ipLengthOfGroup, ipLengthOfGroup)) > 256) Then
		Exit Function
	End If
	ipLengthOfGroup = 0
  Case Else
	Exit Function
End Select
Next ipPosition

IsIPAddress = (ipNoOfGroups = 3) And (ipLengthOfGroup > 0) And _
    (Val(Mid$(zvIPAddressID, ipPosition - ipLengthOfGroup, ipLengthOfGroup)) < 256)
End Function

Written by: Miles Forrest
August '98

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