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AVDF started life in 1992 as "Visual Basic Open Forum" - a great idea from GUI Computing's Senior Programmer, Stephan Grieger. This was an eight page "hints and tips" sheet for the then-new Visual Basic. The first issue went to a grand total of about 300 developers. Since then, the phenomenal growth of Visual Basic, and Windows development in general, virtually forced it to grow, and so it became the Australian Visual Developers Forum.

The AVDF has been a 28-32 page free subscription magazine since early 1994. Full of product news, bug reports, programming tips and techniques, it extensively covered development issues in the Visual Basic, Access, C++, Delphi and general Windows development arenas.It's last paper issue in November 1995), went to over 8000 subscribers Australia wide.

Unfortunately, the growth became unsustainable, simply on the grounds of cost. So we took a different tack. Beginning 1996, AVDF went onto the Web. And, with the move onto the Web, gained an extra (and increasingly-important) focus : Internet development.

Each issue takes a huge amount of work and without the support of contributors - from within GUI, from our readers and from our US contacts - the magazine would not be able to provide the information it does. If you'd like to submit an article, drop us a line.

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