by Mark Trescowthick - GUI Computing

Well, here we are! Welcome to the first online issue of Australian Visual Developers Forum. Those readers who are familiar with AVDF won't notice anything terribly different about the style and content of this first online edition... all the regulars are still here, though perhaps some of the articles in this issue are already showing the additional flexibility that the online medium provides.

Those visiting this site with no idea of who or what AVDF is will, I hope, be pleasantly surprised - we aim to provide a broad spectrum of articles on visual development tools, with a definite emphasis on Visual Basic, Delphi and Access. But we don't ever want to take this too seriously. After all, most programmers are in the game because they like it - not because it offers great retirement benefits!

This edition features, among other things, our first piece on Delphi 32. This looks to be a real step forward for Win32 developers, as well as an obvious huge bonus for Delphi programmers. And it's quick too.

The roll-out of OCX components continues apace, with perhaps the strangest release of the past few weeks being Apex Software's TrueDBGrid Standard. Now just let me get this right... TrueDBGrid is supposed to be the 'Pro' version of the DbGrid in VB4. So what in heck is a 'Standard Edition'? Sounds to me like Apex are shipping 'feature fixes' for Microsoft...

While we're seeing plenty of OCX components available, their adoption would appear to be another matter right now. Many developers seem to be holding off the final move to 32 Bits and this is causing some confusion all round.

This is hardly a surprise. Our own development teams are now about evenly split between VB3 and VB4/32 development - largely because many clients are just not prepared to make the leap into either Win95 or Windows NT. This isn't helped by the continuing confusion amongst many clients as to which environment better suits their purposes. Ah, well...

AVDF Online is produced by GUI's latest offshoot - GUI Online Productions, and I would be remiss if I didn't give a vote of thanks to AVDF Editor Anna Morgan and our two 'newbies' Gary Wisniewski and Grace Roberts. To produce this site (and two or three others) as you now see it from a standing start on January 29th is a tremendous effort.

Look for lots of activity at the GUI Computing page in the near future...

Written by: Mark Trescowthick
Feb 1996