Attaching Tables

by Tom Brennfleck - GUI Computing

Attaching access tables to an access database was a problem that needed to be solved. Nowhere in the VB documentation is it stated how to do this. So where do you find it?

The place I look for most database techniques is not in the Visual Basic documentation or manuals, but in a great reference source on the disk. This is found in the VB\SAMPLES directory under VISDATA. This program contains most database methods and techniques.

So, without further ado, here is the relevant snippet of attaching an access table to another access table in a different database.

  Dim td As New tabledef                          ' attach table
  Dim Db As database
  Set DB = OpenDatabase("C:\Destination.mdb")

  td.Connect = ";database=c:\Source.mdb"          ' Source database
  td.SourceTableName = "tblSource"                ' Source table
  td.Name = "tblDestination"                      ' The name in your database
  Db.TableDefs.Append td                          ' Create the link

Written by: Tom Brennfleck
Feb 1996