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  • Welcome to the Australian Visual Developers Forum Archive. AVDF was a bi-monthly publication featuring programming information on Visual Basic, Delphi and Internet development, published from 1993 until February 1999.

    Sadly, at that time the workload of publishing the eZine, as well as doing our day jobs, became too great. One day, we may just figure a way to re-establish AVDF, but until then all our back issues remain on line - and while they still constitute a valuable resource, that will remain the case.

  • AVDF was written largely by GUI Computing staff members, and just about every GUI staff member over the past eight or so years has had a hand in it, but let me just say a special thanks here to a few of the more notable contributors along the way...
    Ross Mack Stephan Greiger
    Jim Karabatsos Brett Sheppard
    Peter Wone Anna Morgan
    Dave Thompson John Mina
    Rupert Walsh Matt Gray
    Jason Tyro Rod Martin
    Lisa Hooper Steve Jeavock
    Adam Malone Tom Brennfleck

    Of course, there were also a lot of non-GUI contributors. They included....

    Dan Appleman Dermot Balson
    Gary Wisniewski Scott Porter
    Rohan Bacon Ross Garner
    George Raudabaugh Rick Wright
    Rob Parsons Chris Kinsman
    Neville Franks Greg Berry

  • My personal thanks to all those involved with AVDF... including all our many readers world wide. It's been great fun running AVDF, and it is a sad day to see it stop, but that's life.

    See you in the ether,

    Mark Trescowthick.
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