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by Mark Trescowthick - AVDF Editor
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We're back again! Yes, I'm only too well aware that (for the third year running!) our December issue became our January offering. Basically, we've learnt that, with the mad end of year rush to get software out the door (mostly so it can sit on someone's shelf for three weeks in January, but that's another story!) it is simply too big an ask to get an issue out the door as well. So, from now on, we won't be trying. We have decided to cut back AVDF to five issues a year... we really have no choice.A large proporation of the articles are written by GUI staffers, and (unfortunate though this is) we all have jobs to do.

But not all our articles are sourced from GUI, and this issue we see the debut of two new US-based writers... both of whom I met on the newsgroups, and whose contributions are much appreciated.

Those readers who are Delphi fans will also, I fear, be disappointed with this issue - we have no Delphi content at all! This isn't some Gates-inspired plot, simply the lack of any submissions. I am, however, hopeful that Delphi will return in our next issue.

The product front sees important new releases from debutant Green Tree Software and long time vendor Apex Software. Green Tree's offerings (two of which are reviewed in this issue) are targetted pretty firmly at Office 97 style controls, but offer a strong alternative to the plethora of controls already out there. Apex, on the other hand, have finally branched out from True dbGrid, to release True dbInput and True dbList. Despite the less-than-innovative names, they look the goods.... expect a review in our next issue. Plus we've seen version 6 of the venerable VB / OLE Tools, we hear whispers of a new version of Wise and, of course, we've seen what will in all probability be the final Service Pack for VB5.

The other area where things are hotting up in on the web side - specifically in some very nice server-side ActiveX components. Steve Genusa has a top range of handy bits and pieces (we use his SMTP Mail component quite a bit), and there are many more now starting to appear.

I hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to hearing from you...

Oh, one more thing... it may not be great news for anyone but the lawyers, but it surely seems that legal battles are the flavour of the month. Would the two people not suing Microsoft for something please raise their right hand? I don't pretend to know the answer to all this nonsense, but I surely do hope it's cleaned up pretty soon.

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