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by VB
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Will Melbourne programming guru Neville Franks ever stop?

His latest acquisition (his "toy", to quote the Great Man himself) is a nifty little Porsche Boxster! Complete, as the picture at left illustrates, with the personalised plate. What a wank!

I mean, Neville, why not reduce the price of Ed if you're making that much moolah???

Some people are just plain optimists. In mid-January, a note appeared on the newsgroups to the effect that Visual Studio's new version would be released on January 31st. We (and Microsoft!) wish… try Easter as a better bet, from what the dog hears.

Ex-GUI staffer Tony Goodhew is, so the scuttlebutt goes, heading off to the USA. Fresh from a stint with Big Blue, the dog hears that Seattle might be the destination. Now, I wonder who he'd be working for over there? Gosh, let's see… Boeing? Nintendo?

Oddest PC problem of the Year? Well, it's got to be close… one unnamed GUI client (Hi, Liz!) "shares" her portable with her 4yo son. Who, recently, spilt his lemonade on the keyboard. Now, we all know how bad that can be for keyboards, so the unnamed Liz carefully wiped as much off as she could, packed it up for the night and intended to put in an embarrassed service call the next day. Imagine her surprise when, opening it the next morning, she was confronted by what she described as a "scene from American Gothic" : the entire works was literally covered in ants! She'd turned the portable on, so many of them were dead into the bargain. A week later an dead ants still come tumbling out! New keyboard time.

This dog hears that MS might yet find themselves in some bother over the now-legendary "Error Loading DLL" problem with VB5-developed ActiveX objects in ASP Pages. Word has it that one US developer is being sued by a very irate client for some millions, and that said developer is considering suing MS. They acknowledge the problem (or, at least, it seems that way), but can't provide a fix. Roll on Visual Studio 98.

A Late Note : The Heeler has more power than he'd care to believe! The above scuttlebutt was snapped and posted into the ASP newsgroup, and generated a posting with, joy of joys, a solution! George Raudabaugh of Infomentum came up with it and the Editor (for once!) has got off his large rear and added it to this issue as an article. Good one George!

Does newbie GUI guru Jason Tyro know what he's let himself in for? Well, maybe… after all, his "job interview" was conducted over tequila slammers at the GUI staff Christmas Party! The drinking game as staff selection process… a new twist, if nothing else.

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