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by Larry Stevens - Arapahoe County Colorado
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As I'm sure we all know, ASP is just getting started and many of the tools are still pretty rough. For example, due to bugs in the Visual InterDev install routine, sometimes the data view designer tools don't work. That's what prompted me to this little ASP for testing Queries. I find it comes in handy when troubleshooting, and I thought it might be useful to others. You can stick this file wherever you want on your system and open it up in a separate browser while you work.

Once I started playing with it, though, I found it useful for displaying things like the data type and size of each column. I like to leave it open in a browser while building queries in MS Access and scripts in InterDev.

Just fill in the name of a system DSN or a connection string in the first box and then fill in the name of a table, stored procedure (query) or a SQL statement in the second box.

When you click the submit button, it opens a recordset and displays the record count, each field's data type and size, and a page of record data. Navigation buttons appear at the bottom if there are more records than will fit on one page (page size can be set before submitting).

You can easily edit and resubmit your query until you get the desired results.

I was going to add the ability to test parameter queries as well, but couldn't think of a way to do that without greatly increasing the complexity. Maybe someone else will use this as a starting point and come up with other enhancements.

It's a pretty basic file (which is available for download) so it should be easy to add other options. Feel free to modify or enhance the code if you find it useful. Comments and suggestions are welcome - but I can't say I'll be able to answer all questions.

Written by: Larry Stevens
January '98

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