Software Protection

One of the most important decisions that today’s software developer faces is that of protecting their intellectual property before launching their application into the market. With some overseas piracy statistics in our close Asian markets reaching over 90% - it is not uncommon to sell a few copies of software, and find out months later that yours is the most popular software application being used in the region. To permit the software developer to advance, there must be a way of getting end users to pay for each software product they use, without placing a burden on the honest user.

FAST Software Security, based in Germany, produces the "Hardlock" range of products, utilising next generation proprietary ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuitry) technology to provide the most secure, flexible and technologically advanced software security available in today’s market. Distributed locally in Australia by Software Protection Systems Pty Ltd, Hardlock is a hardware-based software protection system ("dongle") that helps software developers increase their revenues by protecting their software against illegal use and distribution. Hardlock also benefits software users, by ensuring compliance with the software license and by verifying the integrity of the software they use.

In conjunction with a Hardlock key, FAST’s proprietary automatic protection facility based on ‘Encryption Patcher Technology’ called HL-Crypt, encrypts all executable files, including .COM, .EXE, .DLL files, and data files. Since access to the source code is not required, HL-Crypt is also ideal for software distributors and resellers looking to optimise and control their sales. Debugger identification also provides additional protection against reverse engineering, and HL-Crypt regularly checks for a Hardlock key while the protected application is running.

Automatic Hardlock implementation is easy with FAST’s new and innovative Hardlock software; a revolutionary Win32-based GUI called "Hardlock Bistro". With an easy-to-use Win95 & NT graphical user interface with Drag&Drop functionality, the new HL-Bistro interface makes it easier than ever to implement the Hardlock software protection solution. HL-Bistro includes an on-line "Wizard" that guides users in protecting applications and data files in just a few easy steps, with the help of interactive explanations and tests.

Together, these features provide software developers the ability to implement a wide variety of protection options that are only limited by the software developer's imagination.

· Distribution control

· Protect modular/multiple applications

· Secure demo/evaluation packages

· Internet Security

· Software leasing

· Piracy prevention

· High level encryption

Offering a high level of security, against piracy and licensing control of software, FAST produce an extensive product range- including PCMCIA units, Internal cards, Serial & Parallel port and Network dongles. All popular operating systems - Windows NT, Windows ’95, OS/2, Win 3.x, DOS, and UNIX are fully supported.

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