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by VB
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Well, it's certainly been a busy time for the dog.

What with the Wedding of the Year (of ex-GUI staffer Adam Maloney), Spider Eye Studios galah opening of their new office and Spider Eye guru Gary Wisniewski's 40th birthday it's certainly been party season.

Gary's 40th was a small, surprise affair held at Gary and Grace's palatial new Port Melbourne seaside apartment with a few 'quiet little drinks' had by all. Word has it that Gary wasn't sure whether he plumped for the bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label or the cool new graphics software as his favourite present...

Watch for a blizzard of full-blown VBA-enabled third party apps over the next few months. Especially, this dog hears, on the drawing and charting front...

Error message of the month? Try this for size : "Errors Occurred". That's ODBC being helpful, don't you think?

Did I say that Aussie development guru Neville Franks was rolling in it? (Well, yes, I did - last issue!). But of course he denies it. In fact, he claims to "deny everything"! This dog heard a whisper from Neville's PC supplier that yet another upgrade was in the works - which generated this email (let me just quote it in full... you be the judge!)

  Whatever you've heard it's all lies!!
It's just a 266Mhz Pentium II with 8+ Gig Disk + 64M Ram + Zip + CD Stacker + Millenium Video + ...
You know, it's just so I can squeeze a bit more "coding" into each day (-;
Actually truth be known, my better half needed a new games machine.

Ironic or not, I had to smile when news came through of ex-Microsoftie (and ex-GUI NSW Manager) Tony Goodhew's new appointment. Tony now plies his trade for Big Blue. I suppose only a move to Borland would have surprised more.

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