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The VB Bunch

Now here's the story of a dormant language,
Which was considered so passť - almost a joke.
It only worked in DOS, just for hackers.
Who liked to Peek and Poke.

Here's the story of a man named Billy,
Who had loved this language for a long, long time.
But in Windows, he could only do C,
And that was far from fine.

Till the one day when this Billy had this brainwave,
Said he knew what he wanted to see :-
That this syntax should somehow port to Windows,
And that's they way they first invented old VB.

VB's Island

Now sit right back and I'll tell you a tale
A tale of an old syntax,
That started from our mate Bill Gates,
And I'll just give the facts.

Old Bill he was a Basic Fan, a hacker out and out,
And so for Windows he desired a Basic with some clout...
A Basic with some clout.
Now Version One was pretty rough, as slow as it could be,
And Version Two still not much chop, but better than DOS VB,
Better than DOS VB.

By Version Three he'd added all that data access stuff
With DAO, and Crystal too.
But VB4 - it just sucked.
Now it's RDO,
With objects and ActiveX,
We're on VB 5!

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