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by Jim Karabatsos - GUI Computing
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It's nice to get feedback on the articles we publish. I would like to thank two people in particular for their feedback about the DCOM article from the last issue.

First, John De Angelis from Bankers Trust Australia sent me this e-mail:

> Hi Jim,
> I read with interest your article in the latest AVDF on "Creating Remote
> DCOM Objects on Specific Servers". In Microsoft's DCOM mailing list a
> sample VB module was posted that does pretty much what you showed - this
> has been around since late 96/early 97. I've attached it to this note.
> I've also attached an updated version of this which was included in the
> Inside DCOM book recently published. It includes some the
> CLSIDFromString type calls that you want. BTW, you're right DCOM is hot
> technology at the moment!

Thanks John. The two files that were attached are "CoCreateInstanceEx and Visual Basic.txt" and "createobjectex.bas". They are as sent except for fixing the e-mail line breaaks and minor formatting. They are in the zip file available for download.

The other person I would particularly like to thank is Erhan Hosca from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc in New York. Erhan writes:

> Hi Jim ,
> I read your article on the AVDF pages ...excellent work ...
> When you are creating DCOM objects on remote servers the real pain is to
> find out what the remote CLSID of the component that you want to run is
> given its ProgID..
> One quick way to find this out is to look into the remote server's
> registry ... All components that are registered on the server will have
> an entry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes ...
> When you register your class on the server an entry is created under the
> abovementioned registry key and a subkey for the CLSID is also appended
> ..
> This function can be used to do a "REMOTE" CLSID lookup on an
> arbitrary
> server if you know the ProgID of the component you want to create ..
> then its just a matter of calling your CoCreateInstanceEx wrapper ...
> Keep up the good work ...

Thank you very much, Ehran, for your message and the GetCLSIDFromRemoteRegistry code. It, too, is in the zip file available for download.

I have used the input from these two messages to create a few functions that work the way I want them to. Unfortunately, due to the ravages of the flu virus that went through GUI over the past few months, I have not been able to get them properly tested so they will need to wait for next month. The flu is also why I did not respond to the emails so I would like to take this opportunity to thank both John and Ehran.

Written by: Jim Karabatsos
June '98

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