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by VB
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GUI made a big splash at the recent Microsoft Asia Pacific Developers Conference (snappy title that)... not really that hard when you're giving away over $11,000 worth of prizes in what they termed the "Great GUI Giveaway" (I think they've been taking lessons from the Microsoft school of catchy titles... not!). First prize was won by Queensland's Julian Biddle. It was also great to see that GUI's representation for flashy presentation didn't suffer... just look at the elegant bowl from which GUI staff Luisa Marrone drew the winning tickets.

The dog hears, too, that it might just be time for GUI boss Mark Trescowthick to take some refresher courses on PowerPoint. Apparently, his announcement of the prize winners at the conference showed a great grasp of something - it just wasn't which button to click at which time. Always thought he was less technical than he lets on...
While on the subject of GUI, which ex staffer is so worried about his (inaccurately) rumoured liaison with AVDF Editor Anna Morgan that he's already sent this dog email suggesting that (and I quote) "his defamation lawyers await". Methinks that, perhaps, this anonymous fellow doth protesteth too much. Perhaps this dog had better check his sources to ensure the liaison is as innocent as he thinks. A hint : It's not fellow GOP guru Ross Mack (pictured here with said Anna during an in-depth web design conference recently). But the initials are the same....

Does this dog hear whispers that ex-PC Developer head honcho Stephen Moignard is about to reenter the magazine arena? Stephen retired to do a law degree a year or two back but popped up large as life at the recent MS conference. Rumour has it a web development mag might just be on the way.

US addon vendor MicroHelp's recent takeover by West Coast Luckman Interactive has, as many readers will be aware, gone off the rails and MicroHelp would appear to be effectively out of business. This dog hears, though, that arrangements for a comeback are closer than some might think. Stay tuned for more MicroHelp info...

Hard times in the addon industry, with Microhelp's demise coming hard on the heels of Media Architects' decision to quit the game. However, with the giant German Olympus group (they of the cameras and imaging) having picked up Media Architects' award-winning ImageKnife, perhaps it bears out the commonly held belief that, while the vendor may change, the market share of the leading tools will ensure that they all survive in one form or another.

Written by: VB
Please feel free to email me any gossip you might be able to get your paws on...
March 1997

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