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by John Mina - GUI Computing

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Have you ever had the need to create hypertext documents within your app? How about providing HTML editing support? Or even just providing HTML viewing within an existing app? Well, there are help authoring tools like Help Magician, and hypertext text controls like AllText - but neither approach has the ability to view or create HTML documents.

Enter Component Graphic's ErgoPack. ErgoPack 3.0 includes Grid, Tree, Tab, and Plan controls, as well as an HTML control, but clearly the HTML control is the "king" of this particular castle.


CGHTML is a relatively full featured HTML browser component, supporting GIF and BMP images in the VBX; and JPEG, TIFF, PCX, Targa, GIF & EPS in the OCX versions. Functionality, which is unfortunately yet to arrive, includes support for Tables, Client-Side image mapping, and other enhanced tags. Nevertheless, you can create pretty decent web pages using just the CGHTML sample app - which amounts to not much more than a textbox for input, and a side-by-side preview supplied by CGHTML.

HTMLs created using CGHTML are fully useable for implementation in your web page. Although this control provides a solution only to a locally based hypertext system, Component Graphics are planning to add HTTP and FTP protocol support by working with a few protocol control vendors, such as Distinct Corporation, to come out with some demos of how to hook up a CGHTML browser to the Internet when desired. Thumbnail to Screen snap of CGHTML
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CGHTML Screen Snap


CGGrid's most striking feature is its bound mode using a direct connection to any ODBC datasource. This connection is possible by either running the ODBC Wizard, which is built into the control, or by defining the ODBC properties at design time or runtime.

CGGrid offers many styles that can be defined at the column level allowing different fonts, colour, and alignment settings. CGGrid includes several column types such as in-cell checkbox, drop down, User Draw, and supports multiple vertical and horizontal splits.

Screen snap of ErgoPack's CGTree

Providing all the standard functionality of Microsoft's outline control, the CGTree control also provides static and dynamic modes:

  • Static mode storing the entire data structure for the tree on execution of your application, or
  • Dynamic mode storing first level nodes, and only the storing the data structure when a lower level node is expanded resulting in quicker data access.

DragDrop capabilities are also available.


If you are looking for scheduling controls, the CGErgoPlan consists of three related controls, all of which are data aware and editable at runtime.

Screen snap of ErgoPack's Appointment Schedule

Screen snap of ErgoPack's Tab Control

A tab control is what you need? Look no further. CGErgoTAB is a very fast, simple tab control containing Win95 tab styles. Along with orientation styles, and picture and text justification, the feature that really sets it apart from other tab controls is its easily definable per tab backcolour and forecolour properties.

ErgoPack contains VBX and OCX 16 bit and 32 bit controls, for support under Access 2.0, Access95, VB3.0 & 4.0, Visual C++ 1.5 & 4.0, and Delphi 1.0 & 2.0. It is available from GUI Computing and is priced at $469. For more information please contact myself or Brett Shepperd on 61 - (03) 9818 6344.

Download ErgoPack Demo, 1,673KB in size.

Written by: John Mina
April 96

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