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by Tony Hardin

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Editor's Note : Baarns Publishing are a US Software development house specialising in Microsoft Office productivity tools. Their Software Development Director, Chris Kinsman, spoke at last year's Visual Basic Australia conference and will be returning again this year. This article is extracted from their site ( with their permission.

Excel to Web will create a 3D table, in HTML language from the selected cells in any Microsoft Excel range. This table can then be displayed on the World Wide Web with browsers which support HTML Tables. Excel to Web will also allow you to embellish your table with titles, dividing lines, comments, return E-mail address and other elements. These options will help you build an entire Web Page using Excel.

This is the Standard version of Excel to Web. A Professional Version with many more features is coming soon. The Standard version has two flavors, an Excel add-in which loads behind the scenes whenever you click on a toolbar button, or an Excel workbook (.xls) which comes complete with all source code. This installation adds an Excel workbook (.xls or .xla) and help file to your hard drive. No system files are altered. It requires Excel 5.0c or above.

Excel-to-Web uses a five-step Wizard to guide you through the various options available in building your page. You can use Excel-to-Web to create an entire web page or just the table portion for insertion into an existing Web page.

Excel-to-Web Wizard dialog box 1 of 5 graphic

After selecting a range in a workbook to be converted, click on the Wizard toolbar button to start the five-step process of converting your selection to HTML code. Step 1 verifies the selected range.

Step 2 of the wizard allows you the flexibility of adding a title to the top of the HTML code, as well as comments which are placed above the table.

In Step 3 you can add a Caption directly above the table and separating lines above or below the table.

Step 4 of the wizard allows you the additional flexibility of adding comments below the table, details about an updated date, and communication information such as an E-mail name and address. Excel-to-Web even formats your E-mail address as a link to open an outgoing mail message!

Step 5 of the wizard completes the process of gathering information by providing some additional options and a location for the saved HTML file.

Excel-to-Web Wizard dialog box 5 of 5 graphic

When you download Excel-to-Web, you will get a complete on-line help file to answer any questions about how to use the tool.

Excel-to-Web Help File Image

Below (and between the lines) is the result of a sample table output using Baarns Publishing's Excel-to-Web.

1995 Corporate Sales These figures are un-audited from department heads as of 1-1-96.

Sales1st Qtr2nd Qtr3rd Qtr4th QtrYear End

This table and figures are an example only and do not represent any real company.

Updated on: 1/4/1996.
For comments or feedback contact: Tony Hardin.

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Requires Excel 5.0c or above.

Download IconDownload Excel to Web Now! (310K). Upgraded 1/8/96.
Download IconDownload Excel to Web with Source Code Now! (323K). Upgraded 1/8/96.

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