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by Con Costaras and Alistair Ebeli
- Northern Metropolitan College of Tafe

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Three years ago at Northern Metropolitan College of Tafe, the Interactive Training and Materials Unit was formed.

ITAM began with the focus on MultiMedia, not as a computing problem but as ideas and applications in a training and marketing environment. We developed two streams, one teaching courses and the other services and production of training media.

At the beginning of 1993 ITAM negotiated the production of a prototype interactive multi-media resource for teaching plant identification.

The product developed, on Multi-Media Toolbook, presents a database of resource plant information of combinations of still images, video/animation, sound and text. It has computer based and computer managed training modules which train and test students learning.

The power of the medium allowed us to configure modules for secondary, tertiary and trade levels.

The production and testing of the Plant-Book took four months. The project involved a range of industries working together in the fields of horticulture training, computing and media production supporting the development of the "Plant-Book". "Plant-Book" is now, happily, being funded as a national horticultural training project which will be adopted by both TAFE and the private sector.

We, like you, look forward to Multi-Media Toolbook version 3. (See Review: "ToolBook 3 - The Empire Strikes Back" : Ed)

Written by: Con Costaras
June 94

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