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by Mark Trescowthick - GUI Computing

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Yet again, the new events are coming thick and fast.

The past two months have seen the success of the inaugural Tech-Ed in Sydney, with over 700 people in attendance and the first AVBUG conference, with about 100 VBers gathered at Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology for a two-day conflab, and they’ve seen the successful Access and VB Dev-Eds presented by PC Developer Magazine.

Almost never before have Australian developers been so well-served with information... let’s hope the situation just keeps on improving.

And there’s every prospect of things just getting better. We include in this issue for the first time a new regular column - by VB Guru and founder of Desaware Dan Appleman. What Dan doesn’t know about VB and the API is probably not worth knowing and his column is a real addition to the magazine.

We also feature the first in an informal series of extracts from another excellent Australian publication, with an article by Ian Robinson, editor of Developers Weekly News. Those of you who don’t know DWN should get to do so... it’s an invaluable source of news and gossip, published weekly on fax by Sydney’s Aeronaut Industries.

The new products have just about overwhelmed us this month, and most of them would seem to be in one product group - MultiMedia. So much so that we have what we refer to as a ‘special unsealed section’ devoted entirely to MultiMedia tools and development. There are many opportunities in MultiMedia, and the tools are now becoming available en masse.

This issue also sees the first wave of Access 2.0 articles (along with one or two bug reports, unsurprisingly). Access 2.0 really does seem to be the goods... just as soon as the wave of data-aware OCX controls starts to break. We hope to be reviewing the first of these tools in our next issue.

Our sense of humour almost got us into trouble in our last issue, too. Our humour piece on Unix and C prompted a deluge of concerned phone calls and faxes asking whether or not it was true. To reiterate : all articles with the humour (smiley face) icon are just that - humorous!

Our Oz-E-Mail forum is now up and rolling (after a few last minute teething problems with the beta Oz-E-Mail network software) and we are starting to see some interesting problems posed and, hopefully, answered. Just call Anna or Cathy if you want the Oz-E-Mail software.

And last, but not least, GUI is on the move again. By the time you read this, we will be in new offices, which offer a lot more space, both for staff and stock.

Space restrictions have led to some problems over the past month or two, just as a lack of telephone lines has meant that too often the engaged signal has been heard. We hope that the doubling of stock space and telephone lines will overcome these problems, and look forward to seeing you at our new offices.

Written by: Mark Trescowthick
June 94

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