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by Peter Wone - GUI Computing

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What do you do with a dead NT? Itís a bit like asking what do you do with a dead whale. When those of you on M. Trescowthickís EMail Humour alias (This alias is available as an OZ-E-Mail section in the GUI Computing Forum : Ed) finish laughing about the whale, Iíll tell you how (no, half a ton of gelignite is not involved).

Anybody who has contemplated the removal of NT, dead or otherwise, from a dual boot system probably resorted to FDISK. This is, in my opinion, more or less equivalent to the gelignite; if you donít have a backup, you may well be buried in chunks of falling whale.

More subtle, and not documented (Microsoft rules OK!) is the highly intuitive process of starting to install NT using either floppies or CD-ROM. Providing there isnít enough room for yet another installation of NT (just how big is your drive?) the setup program will volunteer to remove surplus copies of NT.

When it finishes doing this ó a matter of mere minutes ó you simply abort the setup program and reboot.

Youíll still have a dual boot system, one option of which will hang, but you do get your seventy meg back.

Written by: Peter Wone
June 94

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