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Mark Mayes - Class Solutions Ltd
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The objective of this document is to explain the meaning, history and implications of the Year 2000 problem. In addition, a brief overview of the impact that the Year 2000 will have on Visual Basic applications is given as a means of convincing the reader that VB is not a Year 2000 compliant language.

Image of How-To Icon The Meaning of the Problem.
The History of the Problem.
The Consequences of the Problem.
Fixing the Problem.
Visual Basic and the Year 2000.

Hopefully, this short introduction to the Year 2000 problem has given you some insight into the meaning, history, consequences, remedies and technical, VB specific aspects of the very serious Year 2000 problem.

Class Solutions Ltd are now distributing Visual DateScope 2000 which is a library of Visual Basic functions designed specifically to counter the Year 2000 problem in VB applications. For information, contact Sales@Class-Solutions.Com.

Written by: Mark Mayes
November '96

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