Using AutoPlay for Windows '95

by Mark Trescowthick - GUI Computing

By now, many users will have seen AutoPlay in action. And most will have been impressed - just inserting a CD starts the setup program, and that looks cool.

So cool, in fact, I’d guess most developers will be emulating Microsoft with their Windows ‘95 products. In fact, it’s a requirement, so MS say, for the prized ‘Win95 Compatible’ logo. Perhaps someone should tell Micrographx this, as their new Graphics Suite displays the said logo, but lacks the crucial AUTORUN.INF file on which this cool feature relies...

What I really like about the AutoPlay structure

UPDATE March 97: See the follow up article Testing Autorun.inf in the March 97 issue.

UPDATEOctober 98 : Those interested in AutoRunning HTML should click here - I still get more mail on this subject than almost any other!

Written by: Mark Trescowthick
Oct 95