Dual Boot Win 3.1/Win95

by Roy MacDonald - Camberwell Grammar

I feel pretty confident that I have succeeded, after some travails, in installing a Win95 and Win 3.1 dual boot. Once I managed it, everything has worked fine since, including complicated things like Delphi. On the Win 3.1 side, I have no problems in logging on to our AS400, which is the reason why I have had to go to these extremes in the first place. Needless to say, I tried it with Win95, and it simply hung like a clothesline of damp washing on a wet day.

The paradigm for this wondrous work was provided by Bob Schaffer (Compuserve 76516,2047). He mentioned that there may be problems with permanent swap files. I certainly found this to be the case, but the solution was no problem. Here is how it went on my machine.

My drive is partitioned into C, D and E. My original Win 3.1 lived on E and had a swap file on drive D. My duplicate Win 3.1 I put on C. When Win95 was installed over the Win 3.1 on E, it decided that it was going to use D for its dynamic swapfile. This resulted in the new Win 3.1 on C complaining that it had a corrupt swapfile since it obviously knew nought of the new flavour of swapfile.

The solution is to give it a new swapfile on some drive other than D. I hope you followed all of that and that it may be of use to you in the event of a similar problem. The really significant point that emerges is that your hard drive must be partitioned into at least C and D if this is to work. You would need to know this BEFORE embarking on the exercise.

The steps you can take to duplicate my dual boot installation are:

Written by: Roy MacDonald
Oct 95