VBA '95 - The Heeler's View

by VB the Heeler

MS Product Manager Peter Moore (left) certainly had an impressive opening address in store for us. Allegedly an overview of the new Microsoft products including VB4, although the undoubted highlight was the Australian debut of the VB4 Rap. Put together by the VB4 devlopment team, the rap is an amusing piece of music indeed - but don't give up your day jobs guys. There was even some intention of putting a .wav version on disk to delegates, but I suspect that the powers that be were somewhat shocked by the 4MB compressed size of the file...

Mark Trescowthick, self-appointed judge of the Great Debate, seemed strangely out of touch in providing his adjudications. While it may have been true that the Aussies got close in Melbourne (with debate topic - "we should not use the API unless absolutely necessary" - a sensible topic which naturally turned into a ridiculed one), even the audience-impaired could surely have detected the pro-US feeling in Sydney. Nevertheless the Aussies (represented by Ansett’s Mark Henry and GUI’s Tony Goodhew and Jim Karabatsos) won both. The USA’s Gary Wisniewski, Jonathan Zuck and Rick Hargrove (left) were, this dog thinks, badly done by.

Wonderful to watch GUI Supremo Mark Trescowthick’s face during his Closing Remarks in Sydney. The heavyweights (Karabatsos, Goodhew and Zuck - left) had banded together to create a remote OLE server in VB4 which emulated his PowerPoint background slide. It had the extra feature of enabling Jonathan Zuck to control a text box on screen - which was used to great effect. Jonathan was connected to the presentation PC via a piece of standard ethernet. The only flaw in the plan was that the foldback monitor was left on. Eventually, even Mark is going to notice big yellow sendups appearing on his monitor.

Multimedia presenter Scott Porter made an interesting discovery during VBA : with the full version of PowerPoint ‘95 running, most video codecs, etc simply don’t work. Unfortunately for Scott, he made this discovery just before his session...

VBA organiser Cathy Conte made an interesting discovery too, though this one was made at the after-party in Sydney. It seems that flaming sambuccas can be dangerous. At least, the burns on Cathy’s hand and the tablecloth would tend to indicate so...

Written by: vb@gui.com.au
Oct 95