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Microsoft Jesus 2000 Professional

The Second Coming has been one of the most eagerly anticipated events in all of history, and now it's finally here, thanks to Microsoft! Following on the success of Microsoft Jesus 97, Jesus 2000 Professional is an easy-to-install upgrade package perfect for these fast-paced and Godless times!

New Features

Full Multi-denominational support.

Microsoft Jesus 2000 Professional works with all major religions, not just Christianity! And with fully-configurable settings from Fundamentalist to Moderate, you're certain to be able to feel right at Church. (Demon-worshippers please note : you should purchase our companion product, Microsoft Satan 2000 Professional, which features over 100 fully-configurable daemons.)


Jesus 2000 Professional comes with a full range of movie, book and music selections, along with a handy Jesus 2000 desktop theme to customise your working environment (NB : Some Moderate Beliefs not available in this release).

Auto Salvation option.

With the Jesus 2000 Auto-Salvation option, you can use the Internet to update your state of holiness automatically. No more waiting in queues! (Catholics Please Note : The Auto-Salvation option is awaiting Vatican Certification as a confession replacement. Expected Q2, 1999).

Plus much more!

Jesus 2000 Professional also offers 100% compatability with your existing religion, with crossgrade offers available from most mainstream religions and major sects.

Bonus offers available to users who convert friends to Jesus 2000, including Eternal Salvation, Minor Miracles and over 1,000,000 Frequent Worshipper Points (See details on Box for full Terms and Conditions. This offer only valid where it does not contravene state or religious laws. Offer not available in Iran, Iraq and Ireland.).

Free Conversion Service. Using the Jesus 2000 Salvation Developers Kit (available separately), many Service Providers will offer free Conversion services for you and your friends, via email, the Internet and on Compact Disc.

Bonus copy of Microsoft Eternity Explorer 2000 (Standard Edition), perfect for surfing the Great Beyond, and beyond.

Authoring Option!

Thinking of starting up your own religion or sect? Then the Microsoft Jesus 2000 Authoring Toolkit is for you! Our easy-to-use Sect Wizard leads you through the major steps in religion creation (including tax deductibility application), plus you can choose from over 100 Sect Templates, and download new templates from the Interent... or create your own!

If you're sick of the constrictions of every day religion but never thought that starting a Sect was for you, then think again! With the Jesus 2000 Authoring Toolkit, your professional-quality new Sect is only a few mouse-clicks away.

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