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AVDF Vault - Back Issues

Welcome to the AVDF Vault.

AVDF has been around a long time, and though many of our back issues are now woefully out of date, we felt that it was appropriate to bring those relating to VB3 and beyond (basically, from mid-1993) onto the Web as a resource - there are a lot of questions answered in these old issues which are still being asked and answered right now.

Of course, there are also a number of pretty much irrelevant issues also addressed in these old issues. And the prices are almost all out of date. And what was "news" back then seems pretty old hat now in a number of cases. But, overall, we felt it was worth the effort.

And there wasn't really that much effort involved. Help Magician Pro '95 allowed us to load all our old Black Label editions and export them directly to HTML. With a bit of minor style alteration (using HotDog Pro and Notepad) and some small sub-edits, we were away.

So, take these 'Vault' pages as they stand, and remember that they represent history, not the present.

I hope you find them useful.

Mark Trescowthick

July 1993
February 1994
December 1994