VB4's New Toys

by Andrew Lockwood - GUI Computing

Always of interest, in any new release, are the new controls that become available. With VB4’s move to OCX controls, this is even more the case.

Here’s a brief run down on what’s new and cool in VB4.


A data-aware control which can open and save files and provides a number of properties to apply formatting to any portion of text within the control. It has no 64K limit and allows you to drag text from other applications or whole files from Explorer and drop them straight in!


This control consists of one or more Tab objects in a Tabs collection. At both design time and run time, you can affect the Tab object's appearance by setting properties, and at run time, by invoking methods to add and remove Tab objects.


This control allows you to create toolbars (and tooltips) by adding Button objects to a Buttons collection; each Button object can have optional text and/or an image, supplied by an associated ImageList control. You can use other controls on a Toolbar, such as a ComboBox.


This can be divided up into a maximum of sixteen Panel objects that are contained in a Panels collection.


This control displays a hierarchical list of Node objects, each of which consists of a label and an optional bitmap.


A control containing a collection of ListImage objects, each of which can be referred to by its index or key. The ImageList control is meant to be used as a central repository to conveniently supply other controls.


This control displays items using one of four different views allowing you to provide Explorer-like display functionality. Try finding the ListItems Property in Help and running the example code!

DBList and DBCombo

These are data-aware and both support an automated search mode. These controls can also pass a selected field to a second Data control allowing a simple means to provide “lookup table” functionality.


This should bury forever the standard grid we loved (?) so much. It appears to have most of the functionality of TrueGrid, with a few extra features for good measure! The supported functionality warrants an article on its own - maybe next issue.

Other notable inclusions include a Tab, Slider and the RemoteData control (discussed elsewhere in this issue) but these are the highlights.

All, except for the RemoteData control, are included with the Professional Edition.

Written by: Andrew Lockwood
Aug 1995