The Road to 32 Bits is not Always Smooth

by Jim Karabatsos - GUI Computing

You’d better get used to the idea. The world will move to 32 bit environments.

We might argue about the timing – it may happen immediately or it may take a couple of years. We might argue about the platform – will it be Win95 or will it be NT? But either way, it will happen, and as developers we need to move now so that we are ready when our customers or our organisations demand native 32 bit applications.

VB4 is one of the premier tools for creating Win32 applications. It offers a host of new features that make previously complex tasks a snap. There are still some things high on my wish list for VB, like true OOP and pointer support (roll on VB5!), but all in all VB4 is a good product and a marked improvement on its predecessor. I love the ability to create OLE servers, especially Network OLE. I love the fact that you can now plug any recordset onto a data control. I love the replication support in JET 3. There is a lot to love about VB4.

However, there is a price to pay. There will be some learning required, and there are some traps for young players.

Written by: Jim Karabatsos
Aug 95