New Tool, New Opportunities

by Peter Moore - Microsoft Australia

With the widespread availability of Windows NT Server, Windows NT Workstation and Windows 95, virtually all computer users will have access to the benefits of 32-bit computing, bringing 32-bit applications to mainstream PC users. Developers need to develop 32-bit applications that take full advantage of the functionality of the 32-bit Windows operating systems. These applications need to be powerful, robust and must be developed quickly, easily and cost effectively. The solution to this new development need is Visual Basic 4.0.

VB is the most popular Windows-based development tool. With more than one and a half million units sold, Visual Basic has the largest third-party following of any development tool. Its unprecedented popularity is due to its rapid application development abilities plus its flexibility, allowing development of a wide range of projects.

The new Enterprise Edition features high-speed direct access for remote data from SQL Server or Oracle databases. In addition, the Enterprise Edition is fully team enabled through integrated Microsoft SourceSafe included in the Enterprise Edition. These features bring Visual Basic up to par with “high-end” client/server tools such as PowerSoft’s PowerBuilder. The Enterprise Edition goes beyond all other popular offerings today by providing an additional feature, remote automation, which allows Visual Basic applications to call OLE components on remote servers across a network. This makes Visual Basic the first RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool to deliver the ability to create 3-tier applications, applications for the next generation of client/server development.

VB4 offers a host of new opportunities to Australian developers, in OLE Server development, in mainstream Client / Server development and as the best integration tool for Microsoft Office. It challenges Australian developers to continue their tradition of being at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of software development and opens potentially significant new markets for existing software. Enjoy!

Written by: Peter Moore
Aug 95